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  • Palawan Boracay

    Boracay is often lauded as the best beach in the Philippines and debatably the best beach in the world. The powdery and heavenly white sand is, after all, unique. I’ve been to many beaches but have never walked on a sand as soft and as white as that of Boracay. Walking on it is as close you could get to walking the grounds of heaven alive. The water is as crystal clear as water could be. The water and the sand is the best in the world, you have never been to THE beach until you’ve been to Boracay.

    However, there is the other destination, one that is less inhibited, less disturbed and has more gems in hiding. That place is Palawan.

    Palawan is often touted as a place for the intrepid traveler, for those who seek to feel the hundreds of fish feed from their hands and brush their skin, for those who want to see and touch corals with colors that not even the combined talent of all the best painters in the world can master, for those who want to would rather hike to see and encounter animals walking, crawling and flying languidly in the virgin and merciless forest, for those who would like to see the most beautiful butterflies, for those who want to experience the barest of local cuisines with their hands.

    Boracay is offers a beautiful sand and beautiful water but Palawan offers the hidden gems of the Earth and it is often the hidden that is also the most beautiful.

  • Going to Palawan

    Palawan has two major destinations, Coron and Puerto Prinsesa. For first timers who have less than a week to spare Palawan, I always recommend Puerto Prinsesa because it will allow you to check the “must see” places and do the “must do” things in Palawan.

  • Puerto Prinsesa
    Underground River

    Now one of the 7 wonders of the world, Palawan’s underground river offers 30 known mammal species, 165 of the 252 species of birds, 19 species of reptiles have been identified, eight of which are endemic, a cave dome measuring 300 m (980 ft) above the underground river, stalactites and stalagmites thousands of years in age, 8 of the 13 forest types found in tropical Asia, 800 plant species.

    It is the most majestic formation of stactites and stalagmites you will ever find.

  • Honday Bay

    Honda Bay offers several snorkeling spots where you can see the magnificent coral formations, feed a school of fish right from your hand and also feel them brush against your skin, swim and sunbathe under the glorious sun.

  • Salakot and Sabang Waterfalls

    Aside from the priceless view, both waterfalls offer some of the most fun cliff diving spots, the best hiking trails, a chance to ride a carabao or cross several rivers on your feet.

  • Coron Palawan
    Siete Pecadoes

    Purple corals. That’s what awaits you in Siete Pecadoes.

  • Shipwreck

    There are several shipwreck sites in Palawan that you can try whether or not you are a licensed diver. It includes Tangat, Japanese, Black Island and others.

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